Wedding of the Weekend / Katie & Alex

The 1st September brought with it sunshine and a celebration. On Saturday we made our way to a little village called Nether for the wedding of one of my favourite ladies from university. I lived with Katie during my second and third years of study and I have many fond memories of us dancing around our flat to Groove Armada, laughing our socks off and eating raw flapjack mixture.
 The Bride and her Daddy, beaming as they walked down the aisle.

Alex and Katie share a love for the elusive but ever so popular Bristol-based artist, Banksy. The red balloons that lined the trees on the way to the barn where the reception was held are representative of an element in some of his work.
The wedding was a wonderful reunion of all our friends from university - I love that whenever we come together we click right back into the swing of things - there is no sense of pretense or feeling awkward despite months of life apart in our respective homes & jobs across the country. We danced the night away, topping up our energy tanks with the beautiful coffee, served from the back of a VW camper. I love weddings.


  1. I love the bride's dress! Also, I've never heard of "flapjack" prior to this post. Must be a british recipe?

  2. Hi Joy, flapjack is indeed a British recipe - a very simple but delicious combination of rolled oats, butter and golden syrup (or honey), melted together then baked into chewy bars. People often add extras like chocolate chips, seeds and nuts, depending on their personal preference!


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