The weekend round up

This weekend we drove across the country to the South East for another wedding. I completely forgot to take my camera with me, so sadly there are no photos of the beautiful celebration. John was enamoured by the brightness of the moon, so we took a brief trip to the beach on Friday night to enjoy its great light.
As many of our friends had travelled from various parts of England to come for the wedding, we had the added bonus of being able to spend time together on Sunday too. We spent much of Sunday morning in the kitchen, with my brother Ben baking up a storm of sourdough bread, cooking a roast dinner and rescuing failed baking attempts.
Sunday afternoon was spent in the glorious sunshine, eating al fresco, nine friends and family around the dining table in my parents garden, followed by a walk to the beach, skimming stones and eating ice cream.
{skimming in action}
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...