photo walk / in the woods

This week as brought with it the first signs and sights of Autumn. The mornings are cooler, with the bright sunshine casting lower shadows, the leaves are starting to turn and my feet are craving boots over sandals. 
On Friday afternoon I needed to wake myself up. I needed to feel fresh air in my lungs and wind in my hair so I went for a photo walk. It was just what I needed. Time to take in the green, green foliage of the woods, the trees still covering the air with their leafy blankets, holding on to the last bit of life that this year has brought to their boughs, intermingled with solitary trees here and there, whose leaves are giving way to the change of seasons. I needed the dappled sunlight, casting pretty shadows on the ground, flashing sun flare across my path. I needed the sound of the mini waterfall and the sight of the spider sitting pretty. By the time I arrived home, I no longer felt the need for a fourth cup of coffee to awaken me. The outdoors had stirred me from my sleepiness.