Five Minute Friday / Graceful

Last Friday I took part in Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday writing prompt and thought I'd have a go again today.


Graceful. As I read that word my mind whispers back, 'full of grace and truth.' 

I cannot think of the idea of graceful without the full, immense grace of God coming to mind. Experiencing grace evokes a gentle humility and I cannot help hoping and praying that I might be someone with a heart full of grace - graceful - out of the abundance of grace given to me daily by God.

Graceful is the dove that gently swoops, easily jolted when the peace is disturbed. Graceful is the dancer whose diligent hours of toil and sweat amount to a beautiful art. Graceful is the one who knows in those moments of quiet and times of busyness, 'there but for the grace of you, I go.'

Grace is seen in the graceful, and graceful is found in grace.


  1. Oh, Hannah, how I wish the same - that I might be a woman whose heart is full of grace!


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