This morning I awoke with the threads of the night's dreaming still very much intact. I dreamt I discovered a house that was very much a home, but with an amazing space where the utility room might once have been that was a giant pantry and baking space. I watched for a while as the owner of this home & baking space pottered about with the familiarity that comes with working in a space you have created and an enjoyment of doing what you do. I watched this girl for a long time, taking in all that she was doing and wondering if and how I might be able to re-create a space of my own like this. Then I realised the girl was me. On waking, I willed this dream to stay in my memories and felt the increasing urge to get into the kitchen and bake (as well as go and find that home with the great baking space and move in asap).

This dream comes off the back of a few days spent with my family in Kent where many hours were spent with each of us engrossed in an endeavour of some kind - sewing, baking, website designing, tasting Ben's home brewed ginger beer, sampling Ben's sourdough bread smothered with Mum's homemade blackcurrant jam, and being introduced to new-to-me food websites and blogs. Oh, the internet is a wonderful and dangerous place to venture, because now all I can think about is baking dozens of recipes from My Baking Addiction's blog. Be still my baking heart.
{View from the train on my way to London through the Kent countryside.}


  1. Ironic that I read this post about dreams this morning. Last night I had a very vivid dream myself (and that never happens!)


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