roadtrip diary

Yesterday afternoon while lying on East Beach in Santa Barbara, Becky wondered aloud whether by the end of our trip there would be details that we would have forgotten about the places we have visited / are visiting on our road trip. Later that afternoon while sipping on a frappucino, I wondered aloud where we were when we ate breakfast that morning. I had already forgotten that we'd been in Hollywood. With this clear evidence that we were sure to forget details by the end of our trip, I thought I'd try and write a few posts where possible to record some of the little details.

Saturday / Currently enjoying

eating dinner at Bubba Shrimp's (home of all things Forest Gump) in a very sleepy state - we'd all been awake for over 24 hours at this point.
watching the sunset over Santa Monica
seeing palm trees and blue skies everywhere
drinking lots and lots of water - so necessary after our long flight
sleeping in a huge bed 


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