pretty as a peony

I know I have posted about peonies a few times before, but I honestly can't get enough of their beauty. One of my greatest losses when I moved house a few years ago was that I left my peony plant in the front garden of the house I was moving from. I never got to see it bloom. These beauties are a little expensive so I don't buy them very often, but John encouraged me to do so at the weekend, and I didn't need to be told twice. I love how they quite literally explode from tiny bud to huge flower heads. One day I'd like to do a time lapse video of it to capture the moment...

 Do you have a favourite flower? If so, what makes it your favourite?


  1. Hi Hannah, I love tulips - mainly because I love how they go from upright, closed buds opening out to droopy, full colour inside and outside flowers full of spring life, freshness and they sit well in vases. I also love the passionflower because when I was little we would visit a friend's house and they had one in their garden and I dreamed that in my house one day I would have them. Then, we bought this house and that summner, in the garden out came a glorious passionflower. It's more of a flower to be enjoyed in the garden rather than in a vase. xxx

    1. Hi Hannah! I love passionflowers as well - growing up we had one in the front garden of our house. I love how unusual & beautiful they are - though as a child I could never understand why they didn't bear passionfruit!


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