happy times

Well friends, I have made it to the end of my first year of teaching. Yesterday was my last day with Rose Class. We ended on a happy celebratory note (that evoked a few tears), sharing a video with parents of some of the learning that happens while their children are with me at school. As a teacher, it is a privilege to be entrusted with children. Sometimes the weight of that responsibility has felt a little too great, and I have been overwhelmed with the knowledge of the potential impact I have on these children. If you have ever worked with children, or have your own, you know that they can bring incredible amounts of joy, laughter and excitement, but they also have the ability to show up your greatest character weaknesses, your lack of patience, your response when things go wrong, and all of those other ugly things that we'd like to keep hidden. The challenging times have brought me to my knees in prayer and reminded me to stay there on my knees in the times to be thankful for too. While being aware of my weaknesses can be a painful thing, God is my sustainer and helper, and there is no better place to lay my struggles, questions, challenges, frustrations, joys, thankfulness and excitement than before Him. And in those times when I have been lost for words or so tired that I can't think straight, I have been so, so thankful for a loving husband who prays for me and with me.

The other day I came across this version of What makes you beautiful by The Piano Guys. I love that music evokes emotion, and for me, this piece of music makes me feel oh so happy. I listened to it at the start of the day yesterday, thanking God for the sunshine that greeted me, that we have been waiting so long for in England. Light and heat lift my soul just a little bit more than rain, making the day even better than it would have been if the weather carried on the way it has been. I highly recommend listening to this with good quality speakers to get maximum enjoyment.

Happy Friday one and all.