baby shower cupcakes

Last week I had the pleasure of baking some cupcakes for an old colleagues baby shower. The soon-to-be-Mum hasn't found out the gender of the baby, so I was asked to make a mixture of classic blue and pink cupcakes. (I'd like to point out that I don't really agree with assigning colours to particular genders, but this is what I was asked to do.)
I was let loose on making the decision about flavours so I went with lemon cupcakes with raspberry buttercream and chocolate cupcakes with coloured / marbled buttercream. 

I love having a reason to get my piping bag out. It's such a satisfying process.


  1. Hannah, these look and I'm sure tasted wonderful. What are the little blue balls of beautiful-ness placed on top of the blue cupcakes?

    1. Hiya, the little blue balls are Dr Oetker Chocolate beans - they were a gift but I am sure you can buy them in Sainsbury's or any other big supermarket : )


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