There is nothing fancy going on in this post. Just pure, simple, juicy fruit. This afternoon, as I sat typing up reports for school, all I could smell was the aroma of the nectarines sat in our fruit bowl. I did not resist their temptations for long. Of course, I had to photograph them before consuming, and then blog about them. That's all. Thank you for humouring me in my choice of blog topic today. If you are sat reading this and shaking your head, thinking that I must be just a little bit crazy, I would not be at all surprised. If you are feeling in need of reading nourishment that is lacking here, I would highly recommend visiting Jessi at Naptime Diaries. She is a wise woman with 3 little sprogs (and she's my age). 


  1. Once again, I am stunned by your photographic imagery. Brilliant!

    1. Thank you Dad for such a lovely comment!

  2. There is nothing simple about a nectarine, we just ate one each and the juice streaming down rachel's arm was wonderful as she clearly enjoyed each mouthful! They are God's creation and for us to enjoy! Amen! Of course this comment is from a fellow crazy being so we can just be simple and crazy together if no one agrees with you! I doubt that and they'll just love the photos, as Papa Barnes says!! Love xxx


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