Foodie Friday / Guest Post

In our house it tends to be the case that John does the cooking. And he is brilliant at it. Every night we eat delicious food (although sometimes he adds so much chilli it sets my mouth on fire) and it is high time I started keeping a record of the savoury goodness that comes out of our kitchen. 
So today's recipe is for home made scotch eggs. Are they a British thing? I'm not sure. In all honesty, they have never, ever appealed to me before - boiled egg covered in a bit of meat and breadcrumbs. They are the kind of thing British people like to take on picnics. I don't know how or why that tradition started. They are not really my idea of a tasty treat. In fact, before John cooked them for me, a scotch egg had never found its way past my lips. Am I doing a good job of selling this to you?! If you are screwing up your face as you read this, thinking scotch eggs sound just as unappealing to you as they do to me, I am with you. But, let me tell you. Home made scotch eggs are a totally different story. My mouth is watering right now as I remember how delicious they were to eat. 

As these were John's babies, he's kindly going to share the recipe with you. So, for the first time ever, I am handing my blog over to someone else, which is quite exciting. Enjoy!

Hi Hannah's blog-fans! This recipe is so easy.  I have to pay tribute to my Mum because she made huge scotch eggs when we were kids with crushed cream cracker coatings. They were amazing and these are similar (though I've used breadcrumbs but cream crackers are more luxury). All you need are some sausages (or sausage meat), some eggs and some breadcrumbs (preferably homemade)... and an oven. 

First you need to boil some eggs in salty water (the salt helps with peeling). Heston Blumenthal has a method for keeping the yolks all runny, but that involves being overly obsessive and using a deep fat fryer. After about 6 minutes or so put the eggs in cold water and peel them. Get the sausages and de-meat them. This is where you can get creative and add stuff to the sausage meat. This time I just added chopped red onion which works nicely. Take handfuls of sausage meat and wrap each egg in it, making a ball. I ended up with cricket ball sized scotch eggs. Next, roll them in the breadcrumbs. Put them in a hot oven on a baking tray for a while until they're brown and you're not scared that they're still raw. Roll them around a few times to get some nice crispy brown bits as they're cooking. I think these took about half an hour. Enjoy!
Happy weekend, happy 1st June and Happy Jubille Weekend to anyone who is celebrating!