Well, it has been a little scarce round here recently hasn't it? I had not anticipated just how busy this last term of school would be. It is a little all consuming, so blogging has been a pushed to the sidelines. I've missed writing and taking photos of everything. So to catch up on recent happenings, here's a little list of firsts, as last week was a week of firsts for me. (Be warned this is a little on the random side.)

First experience of hayfever. Oh my. I have never sneezed so much in my life. Driving has just got a little more dangerous. 
First time of baking a batch of delicious goodies only to let them go mouldy. What a waste.
First time baking a cake covered entirely with Malteasers. This cake did not go to waste at all.

First encounter with Jesca Hoop. It was a spontaneous trip to the Colston Hall, initiated by new friends. I went home with a happy heart full of music and resolutions to be more spontaneous. 

First time to attend an annual Early Years Conference. I have lots of thoughts swimming around my head which I might just write about.

First visit to the circus! A while back John and I watched Water for elephants. I loved it and it made me cry. I think perhaps I rate a film on whether or not it makes me cry. This was a good one that I definitely recommend.
{This was perhaps the most impressive act of all - a giant spinning contraption that a man and a woman ran around on. My heart was in my mouth for quite a considerable amount of time!}

First time of picking school-grown strawberries. The children in my class have absolutely delighted in growing and harvesting produce this year.

We transformed the strawberries into jam today & baked a loaf of bread to eat the jam with. I love days like these.

I'm going on a weekend adventure for the hen party of one of my old housemates from university. It'll be lovely to catch up with some old friends and make some new friends too! Happy weekend one and all.


  1. Oh my Mrs King you have been busy! I never have enough time to keep myself up to date with all your blogging - the result of terrible internet access. Nice to get snippets of your happenings even when some 5000 miles away. Keep up the good work and hopefully we can catch up on skype soon. If not then make sure you keep an evening free somewhere in late July and I will come eat dinner with you guys. Peace and love.


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