Friday, 15 June 2012

50mm focus / pink {in the light of grey}

If you are reading this and you are not a current resident of England, it might enlighten you to know that Summer here is oh so very unpredictable. Every year, we are hopeful that this year, it will be different. This year, we will have a constant supply of sunshine. That maybe, just maybe, when the sun starts shining in April / May, it will carry on shining until September. Oh if only. Right now, I am not a great advocate of living in England - especially not for the weather. It is a wonderful place, but the weather is most definitely unreliable. Anyhow, the reason why I preclude this photo walk post with my sentiments about British weather is because the lack of sunshine means that the light for photography is far from best. The grey sky does not illuminate colour in the same way that sun does. I partly chose pink as the theme for this week because of the dominance of grey at the moment, and I needed to bring a little contrast in the form of pops of pink. My very need to go looking for colour was the idea for my first photo walk post.

Apart from the first photo, all images were shot with my 50mm fixed focus lens. The first image was taken out of our bedroom window with my 24 - 100mm lens, spying on the neighbour's beautiful peonies. The rest were captured at 8.40pm on Wednesday evening.

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