the weekend / Broadstairs

John and I spent the weekend by the sea in Broadstairs with our good friends, Tim & Becky. (We are going on an even bigger adventure with Tim & Becky this Summer - more on that soon.)

We stayed in a lovely apartment that overlooked the sea. The sunshine, refreshing sea breeze and sound of waves were a welcome sight to our weary souls after 6 hours of travelling in a hot car on Friday evening. Broadstairs is very near to where I grew up and where my parents still live, so we paid my Mum and younger brother a visit on Saturday evening. My Dad was off adventuring in the Peak District, so we sadly did not get to enjoy his company.

The weekend consisted of:

plenty of sun
charity shop thrifting
good food
gluten free cake (made by my Mum)
lots of time for reading ('A face like glass' and 'Fundamentals of Aerodynamics' - guess which one I read)
sand between our toes
collecting lots of chunks of chalk from the beach for school - free marking making materials? Yes please, and thank you very much!
early morning car boot fair fun on Sunday that took an hour for us to track down
homemade chocolate cake on the way home (via London) from John's Mum

{sun over the sea at 6.30am on Sunday - photo by Becky}

I loved being by the sea - that is one thing that Bristol is lacking - but thankfully the coast is never too far away. The only problem was that we were just beginning to feel like we were on holiday, then it was time to go home and get ready for another week of work.