we ran / Bristol 10k

{team King with a silver-caped superhero in our midst}

Well folks, we did it! Today we ran the Bristol 10k and enjoyed it. John's parent's came to Bristol from London especially for the race - they inspire me.

While running, my focus was on keeping a steady and comfortable pace and keeping a good running posture, putting into practice some of the techniques I've learnt through our running club. By the time I reached 4k, I felt like I'd found my form and the next 3k were wonderful. Then I realised I hadn't seen a race marker for a while to tell me how far I'd gone, and started wondering if I'd significantly slowed my pace. Thankfully I had just not noticed the 7km marker, so when I saw the glowing neon sign signalling the 8th kilometre of the race, I felt the adrenaline kick in that helped me increase my pace for the last 2km. Chris Brown helped me along, and I had to resist the temptation to dance as I run as the beats pumped through my headphones.

As I mentioned before, John and I were running with Love Running, along with 400 or so other Love Runners. It was quite inspiring to have Love Running t-shirts in my vision at all times throughout the run, knowing those beside me, before me and behind me were also part of this team effort to raise money to help people all over the world in need of food, water, medical help. 

Thank you so much to those of you who have supported Love Running through sponsoring me. So far, the running total that Love Runners have raised is £72,151,15. Wow. There is still time to raise even more, as the sponsorship pages don't close for another couple of weeks, so if you would still like to sponsor me, go for it! 

{For the record, my time for this race was 54 mins 46 seconds.}


  1. 54 mins 46 seconds - woohoo Mrs King! that's awesome, well done Family King!

    Last time I did the 10k, I think I did it in about 54 minutes too, I also really enjoyed it and running is right up my street, I occasionally run a couple of miles to relax on an evening. To be honest, my running technique is so good people find it hard to replicate, apart from people like Paula Radcliffe, she and I have had some great runs together, you know just a marathon here and there and a chat along the way about the kids....

    getting a bit carried away there!! ahem... splutter.. cough cough...

    1. Oooooh, was it you who taught Paula Radcliffe how to deal with her bowel movements mid-marathon? If so, she learnt from the best!

  2. Quick hide the cigarettes and wine Hannah! ;-)


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