Photo walk / blue

When I started doing the 50mm challenge series, my main intention was to use my 50mm lens more, and to challenge myself to look at things from different perspectives. I have found that photo walks have got into my mindset and now, I can't help but notice potential themes for more photo walks popping up everywhere.

Last week, as I stared at the blue sky, drinking in its colourful brilliance, I resolved to do a photo walk that centred around the theme of blue. Our time at the beach in Broadstairs provided the perfect opportunity for my blue photo walk, except that I forgot to take my camera. I didn't want to completely miss the opportunity, so I borrowed Tim's Panasonic Lumix G1.

Here are the blue hues that caught my eye:

 {cracked paint on a beach hut}
 {intentionally over exposed - I liked the stark contrast between the bright white and bold blue}
{bright blue, light blue}
I loved how frequently more than one shade of blue appeared  in a number of the photos. Every Spring when the skies turn this colour I find myself thinking how it is one of my all time favourite colours. Another small difference with this photo walk compared to my previous ones was that I switched more between portrait and landscape composition, whereas before, I have shot exclusively in landscape. I did this in order to capture the multiple blue hues that were visible, depending on my composition. I love the way this little project is evolving all by itself.