Love Running.

Dear Readers,

Can I tell you a little story about running and changing the world?

For the last 7 weeks John and I have been going to a running club on a Monday evening. Last night as we set off on our bikes for Bristol Downs where the running club meets, the skies looked sad and grey. Within seconds of being on our bikes, the first drops of rain had started to fall. We arrived at the usual meeting point to find our fellow runners sheltered under a great tree providing much appreciated shelter from the steady rain. The leader of our running club was confident that the rain would pass as blue skies could be seen in the direction that we would be running towards. So off we went. 

Within an hour, we had seen sun and blue skies, a rainbow, hail and torrential rain. We were wet to the point of dripping. Some might ask, 'why on earth did you bother when you could have stayed warm and dry at home?' And my answer would be this:

We bothered to go because we are training for the Bristol 10k which takes place on Sunday 20th May, and this time, it is not just about us running to complete a challenge, or just for the fun of it. This race is about Love Running. Yes, it is about loving running, but much more than that, it is about seeing love in action through raising money for the poor, the hungry, the homeless and the hurting; it is quite literally about seeing love running - offering a helping hand to those who need our money more than we do through the money we raise. 

I have so valued and appreciated the input we've had at the running club from Claire and Ben Akin-Smith who lead us in our weekly sessions. Claire has taught me more about running technique in the last 7 weeks than I have learnt in the 7 years since I started running. I think about how grateful I am for Claire and Ben's input, and then think how much greater input the money raised through Love Running will have in thousands of lives in this city I call home, and across the world. It's a humbling feeling to think that the money I raise will make a genuine difference in people's lives. The money raised will go towards supporting 3 causes:

1) A village development project in Zimbabwe

2) A water supply project in Uganda

3) Lots of local charities in Bristol

So, will you join me in giving a little (or a lot) to make a huge difference? 

There are approximately 500 other people running as part of the Love Running initiative, and so far £53,000 has been raised. Isn't it incredible how much more a group of people can achieve than we could ever hope to do on our own? 

If you would like to sponsor me, here is a link to my fundraising page - it only takes 4 simple steps to donate. Simple. 

Or, if you live in the UK, you can donate by texting the number 70070 with the message:

LOVE35 £....(insert chosen donation amount here)

With Kindness,


p.s My husband John has kindly and gently asked me over and over again whether I have done anything about sponsorship, ever since signing up to run the 10k a couple of months ago. He has been far more pro-active than I have in asking for support and sponsorship. It has taken me until now to write this post and put messages in various places requesting sponsorship because I don't like asking people for money. Thankfully, this isn't about you giving money to me though, it is about helping others, and so I hope that you feel able to join me in helping others by donating to Love Running, knowing that you really are making a difference.

p.p.s in the time it has taken me to write this blog post, another £500 has been donated to Love Running. Be inspired & be generous.