Bank Holiday Weekend Snapshots

This weekend in England we had the wonderful treat of a Bank Holiday Weekend. Even though this only means one extra day off work, it has the charm of feeling like a little holiday. Ours was a mixture of simple quietness and happy busyness. On Saturday, John spent the day fixing the car and I caught up on school work.

Sunday brought with it the wedding of old university friends of mine. Rachel and Dave can't quite remember when their relationship started, but it was sometime during our first year at Bristol Uni in 2005. It was lovely to see them getting married after all this time. 
 {the moment when the Canon asked the newly married Dr and Mr Bourdillon to turn and face the congregation and remember that these are the people who would be committed to praying for their marriage}
On Monday we met up with Tim and Becky for fun times in Berkshire. We made plans to meet somewhere roughly midway between London & Bristol, and John did a brilliant job of finding a delightful country pub where we could wile away our Monday afternoon. 
The Cunning Man was the perfect place for a miserable May day, with cosy armchairs and a brilliant selection of foods. I can highly recommend it if ever you're in the area! The pub was right next to the River Thames, which made it an even better location for a pre- and post-lunch stroll.
 {a slightly unconventional canal boat}
It just so happened that I had two tubes of bubbles in my bag, so it only seemed right to blow bubbles over the boat named Bubbles. Sadly we didn't manage to capture the actual bubbles as they were a little unpredictable!
After spending 5 hours in this lovely establishment, we drove back home with full tummies and happy hearts, and still had an evening ahead of us. What a lovely start to the week.