50mm focus / round

I had a lot of fun on my 50mm focus walk this week. Having been inspired by Elise's photo walks and her theme of round this week, I went for a wander to see what I would find. 

I wasn't really planning on following the same round theme, but ended up seeing elements of round everywhere I looked. I noticed so many things that had some circular, curved or spherical element to them. I am loving how this 50mm focus has naturally become a weekly challenge and a fun way to get me to look more closely at the environment I see every day, from different angles.

{All photos were taken on my Canon 450D with a 50mm lens at ISO200. Shutter speed and aperture varied. These images are straight out of the camera with no editing to give an accurate perspective of what my lens sees.}


  1. Lovely interpretation of the theme. I am looking forward to your next walk

  2. Hello Hannah,

    I'm over from Elise's blog and love your photos!

  3. Love it Hannah - sad I don't get to drop by here anywhere near as often as I would like :/


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