Saturday Smoothie

During my time in Brazil, I drank a lot of delicious drinks. They tickled my tastebuds and inspired me to make more drinks at home, rather than just sticking with my usual defaults of water or coffee.

I am trying to eat more yoghurt with bio-cultures at the moment, and found some delicious flavours on offer in the supermarket. I knew it would take me too long to get through the two pots I purchased without doing something a bit more exciting than eating the yoghurt by itself, and I realised my ample yoghurt supply provided the perfect opportunity to get making some tasty drinks.

So, for a refreshing drink and mid-afternoon snack, I made a smoothie.

Blackcurrant and Elderflower Smoothie (makes 250ml smoothie)
250ml blackcurrant and elderflower yoghurt
3 ice cubes
2 strawberries
1 banana

Pop everything into a blender, whizz until smooth, and there you have your smoothie.