running around the trees

Blaise Castle is a place that John and I love. We went there on our first date, John proposed there, and our adopted hamster is buried there. 

While I was away last weekend, John went running around the Blaise Estate and found a new spot that neither of us had been to before. On Tuesday evening, he took me there on our run. It was well worth the calf-wrecking scramble required to see the vista that awaited us.
 {The only sounds we could here were bird song and babbling water}

 {the spot where John proposed is tucked away behind this little bridge}
 {view from the top}

 {pretty petal confetti}

It was refreshing to be amongst trees that towered over us, then to ascend to heights above the tops of trees and yet still feel surrounded by greatness. To discover new heights in an already familiar environment was inspiring and made me wonder what other hidden treasures there are to be found, if only I would look a little more closely.