peppermint and pecan ice cream bar

When John goes away on business, I am pretty hopeless at cooking proper meals for myself. I think I have mentioned before that I would happily live on a diet of granola, but I know this is not the best way to nourish my body, brilliant though it is. 

So last week, when John was in Copenhagen at a conference, I decided I needed to make a meal plan to ensure I ate well. As I was flicking through the pages of the most recent issue of Delicious magazine, I saw a recipe for ice cream that looked too good to ignore. Sure, it's not a main meal, but it would make a most excellent dessert or snack. It took about 15 minutes to whip up, and the end result is essentially homemade viennetta. Scrumdidliumptious. 

There was still plenty left when John got home, so he was able to sample the creamy minty goodness. His only criticism was that the ice crystals were too big. He thought putting it in the fridge to slightly soften completely melt would be an improvement. Sadly, it was not, and ended up down the drain! 

As for the rest of my meals, they were far more nutritious than my dessert, consisting mostly of beans and lentils.