London highlights

Our weekend in London was glorious, filled with much food, family, friends and sun. 

On Friday night we saw the much-anticipated Hunger Games at the cinema. In all honesty, I think the book is far better.

On Saturday we took a stroll through Sydenham Hill Woods and Dulwich Park, followed by dinner at Rocca in Dulwich Village. The pizza was delicious and the red wine was divine - I meant to make a note of its name so that I could go and buy some but I was talking too much.

I love magnolia's. They make me think of my parent's garden. Big, beautiful flowers. How brilliant is Spring?

On Sunday we spent much of the morning making gerbera daisies out of marzipan and sugarpaste icing, then attempting to make them look pretty. 

You see that thing that looks like a white spider? That was one of John's first attempts at using the flower cutter. It was a very sorry sight indeed. Thankfully he quickly mastered the skill and so we end up with a whole garden's worth of edible flowers. I have to confess that I was mostly responsible for creating the circular centres for the daisies, and not a lot else, as I was a little distracted by The Pioneer Woman's book, which I read from start to finish over the weekend.

We drove home on Sunday evening with a new stash of books and a pot full of tadpoles for my classroom - that's definitely a first for me - transporting tadpoles from London to Bristol. I hope they're just as happy in my classroom as they were in The King Family pond.