baby quilt in progress

As I write this, I can hear birdsong. The windows in our little flat are wide open, letting the Spring air flow freely and freshen up our home. There is washing hanging on the line. There are buds on trees everywhere I look and the scent of Spring is most definitely in the air.

With the sun streaming through our windows, I needed to get outside and utilise the sunlight that I so love for taking photos. It was the perfect incentive to do a bit of sewing and put together the quilt I had started with the set of fabrics I included in this post.

This is going to be a baby blanket for my lovely friend Katy's baby boy. (Right this minute she is burping her baby in Brazil - I know that because of the wonders of the internet and facebook chat!) Although it's not quite finished yet, the first stage is complete and that seemed worthy of a photoshoot.

Every time I take photos in the park, I am aware that it is quite possible that people are watching me, as the park is surrounded by flats like ours. As I headed back to our flat, someone called out to me from across the park. It was one of those slightly awkward occasions where you find yourself walking towards a complete stranger from a good distance away, not knowing quite where to look, and wondering all the while what they are going to say. I thought she was going to get cross with me for hanging my blanket over a garden fence...maybe she thought I was taking photos of someone's home...would it be rude to turn around and pretend I hadn't heard her? Yes, I decided, that would be incredibly rude. So I braced myself and had an apology at the ready. It turned out she thought I might be someone from the Council, taking photos of the rubbish in the park. The lady told me of happier days when there had been benches in the park that she used to enjoy sitting on, and lamented that they were no longer there. I did end up apologising after all - that I was not who she had hoped. Thankfully, she did not mind at all that I had gone about the park draping my creations from trees and fences.