At the start of this year I mentioned that I hoped 2012 would have a few adventures in store. This is certainly happening to be true so far. 

On Thursday, the second big adventure of 2012 was confirmed: I am going to Brazil! My precious friend Katy moved to Brazil in November 2011. It's her husband's homeland, and they felt it was right to make Brazil home for their growing family. Six weeks ago Katy gave birth to their first son, Benjamin Lucas. The last time I saw her, her bump was a little bigger than in the photo above, but still very much a bump. I cannot wait to see her and snuggle baby Benjamin. 

Sadly, John won't be joining me on this trip. Although John has been away a lot with work since we've been married, this will be the first time that he's the one left at home. I am positive that he will do a far better job of feeding himself than I do when I'm alone. I quite happily live off a diet of granola and homemade soup, substituted with meals shared with the wonderful Poulson's, whereas John will be sure to cook something delicious every night. 

In just 15 days I will be boarding the plane to Brazil. Oh my, what a wonderful adventure to look forward to.