Wednesday saw the start of Mr. King's 27th year.
We celebrated just the way he wanted to.
He chose to save present opening until bedtime, to keep the fun of the day going even longer.
The cake was a simply a vanilla sponge with cream and jam.
Dinner was the finest food provided by a well known fast food establishment.

The cinema provided the evening entertainment in the form of 21 Jump Street. Very silly & funny.
We finished off the day with John flying his new helicopter around the house. The perfect present for an engineer who has the skills to identify helicopters in films within 0.01 seconds of their appearance on screen and loves to play. 
Today we are heading to London for more celebrations with family and friends, including another cinema trip this evening to see The Hunger Games. I cannot wait.


  1. Those powdered sugar balloons are absolutely precious! I need to learn how to do that :) Happy birthday to your love!


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