Well friends, it's been a little while, hasn't it?

John was away in the Aix en Provence last week, and I often find that with the change in routine, my blogging wanes. I am incredibly thankful for kind friends who invite me to stay with them when John's away so I don't get too lonely - thank you so much Hannah & Andy.

On Thursday I had the pleasure of visiting an Early Years setting in a little village called Blagdon. It was a beautifully sunny Winter's day, and I was glad I took a camera with me to capture a little bit of the beauty. There has been a lot on my mind this week, and it was very refreshing to have my mind taken up with the very simple thoughts as I drove through Blagdon, that went a little like this:

'wow, look at that blue! and green, and blue and green everywhere! This is wonderful. I love colour. Wow, look at how flat those hedgerows are, such brilliant lines. Look at the angles & shadows on the road! The moon! I love it when you can see the moon and it's fully daylight!' 

Very simple joy from very simple things Very child like? Maybe, but thankfully I don't think God will mind me being so excited about beauty of His creation. 

The roads were so quiet - I don't think I saw any other cars for at least 40 minutes. Just me and the tiny narrow roads. Actually, come to think of it, I did see another car. I encountered it on a country lane that was totally impossible to have 2 cars drive along simultaneously. I had to do some extreme reversing to back up about 300m to the nearest passing place so the other driver could come through. 

We spent Saturday with our friends Tim & Becky, celebrating Tim's birthday. The day consisted of much food, laughter, games & warmth (provided by a wood burning stove).

Hours of Monopoly Deal were played - Becky introduced us to this over Christmas. It's a brilliant game if you enjoy Monopoly but need it to be a bit speedier.
While everyone else played game after game of Monopoly Deal, I read page after page of Catching Fire from The Hunger Games trilogy.

Is it me or does my face look a funny colour in that photo?! Tim & Becky brought a box of our Christmas presents with them that we had left in London by accident - I can now get baking from The Great British Bake Off book - I just need to decide what to bake first!