skiing essentials

As I was packing the last few bits & bobs I decided to do one more little post on a few ski slope essentials.

Out of the items I have shown here, it's pretty tricky to choose the most important, so, in no particular order of preference here's a few essentials:

+ snacks. I have a tendency to go out without a snack then get hit by hunger when I'm unarmed. I didn't want this to happen out on the mountains so I have included some granola bars & fruit strings . 

+ hand warmer. A reuseable hand warmer with its very own knitted cover to ensure that my fingers don't drop off inside my gloves.

+ spf lip balm. I cannot stand having dry lips in Winter, and skiing calls for something a little bit more than vaseline. I don't want burnt lips, thank you very much.

+ the little camera. While I will most definitely be toting my DSLR, the little one's coming along for the ride too as back up and to pop in my pocket for those shots that I don't have time to stop & get my big camera out for.

+ sunglasses. They speak for themselves..

When I laid out this little collection, John just chuckled at all of my 'necessary' items. He is incredibly efficient & easy going  when it comes to packing. He makes a concise list & sticks to it. I make endless lists in my head, on my phone & on paper, then don't refer to them when I come to packing. Hmmm. Maybe that's something to work on.


  1. haha... I love you Hannah! Great pre-holiday post and I hope you have a wonderful time on the slopes with King John! xxx Love Han xxx


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