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As I write this, there are gentle flurries of snow tumbling down outside. They're the kind of snowflakes that land on your eyelashes and stay until you blow them away. We're having a day off skiing today, spending some time relaxing and exploring Grenoble, so I thought I'd give you a little preview of the slopes & scenery here.

{Day One: Saint Pierre en Chartreuse}

 {Day Two: Chamrousse}

There is something truly incredible about being on top of the mountains & on a level with the clouds. To feel the temperature dropping as the ski lift ascends and the altitude increases is a surprising (and sometimes uncomfortable) feeling. The air is at its coldest at the peak, but that is where the view is the most incredible & far reaching. There is a fine balance between wanting to get down the mountain quickly to reduce the numbness caused by the cold, and the desire to drink in as much of the view and the blue as possible.

Being amongst the mountains is causing me to think about my vulnerability & fragility, our human desire for comfort & safety, the things which drive us and inspire us, and the gift of a healthy body that allows me to ski. I'll be back soon with more thoughts & plenty more photos.

Au revoir.


  1. Grenoble reminds me of Granola.
    I don't think we could be in more different climates yet experience the same joys of international Blogging. Looks like you guys are having an amazing time - wish I could be there but also here at the same time!
    Love to you both!


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