Grenoble Highlights Part Cinq

On our final day of skiing & boarding in Grenoble we returned to Saint Pierre, along with John's brother, Andrew. It was another wonderfully warm day - perfect conditions for skiing - except for the last part of the slope at the end of the day which was essentially ice-skiing. Part way through the day we were accompanied by another skier - he was the six year old son of Andrew's colleague - and having been on skis since he was two years old, he was unstoppable. Quite literally. We had originally hoped to ski with the whole family, but one of their six sons had broken his hand, so was out of action.

Our final evening in Grenoble was spent with the lovely family with six sons, along with numerous other friends of theirs. It was a truly wonderful evening on so many levels. Conversations flowed freely in French, English and German, while enormous quantities of food were prepared and eaten. Warmth was provided by the biggest wood burner I've ever seen, that also heated a beautiful brick seat. The 4 year old son knelt up at the table with a row of unopened beer bottles neatly lined up. With a bottle opener in hand, he carefully popped off the caps of many a beer bottle, then carefully distributed the contents into tumblers, dutifully refilling glasses that were looking a little empty while the 5 year old made sure we had a plentiful supply of snacks at all times. I marvelled at the family's hospitality - they were clearly well prepared for visitors - with a never ending supply of delicious chocolates to accompany our after dinner coffee and liquers (which came in any shape or size we fancied it). Their home was full of life & love and we went home with full hearts & contented bellies. I couldn't have imagined a nicer way to spend the last evening of our trip.