Grenoble Highlights Part Quatre

On Friday we went back to Villard de Lans, but started the day around the other side of the resort, so the scenery was totally different. I think this was the most beautiful day. The views from the top were breathtaking. Sadly, my photos don't do the view justice. I had camera trouble on every front. My main lens for my DSLR developed a major problem just before we flew to Grenoble, and my little camera has developed a scratch on the lens, so I was somewhat limited but still snapped away regardless.
 {snow. mountain. cloud. sky. beauty.}
 {see the layer of white behind us? That's cloud, not snow. It looked good & strong enough to walk on.}

There is something strangely liberating about seeing a strip of cloud hanging above the mountain you're about to ski down, and being able to see where the cloudiness begins & ends. To know that you'll be skiing in sun where you can see everything clearly, then your visibility is going to get tricky as you ski through the clouds, but before you know it, you'll come back into the sunshine again and all will be clear. I suppose it's a bit of a methaphor for what life can be like. All can appear shiny & sunny & clear, but you know hard times will come. When you're in the midst of the hard times, it is almost impossible to see how things will change (because we cannot see the days ahead). But hope can remain that things will become sunny & bright again, and that hope is made ever stronger by the promises that God gives.


  1. Really enjoying your skiing posts, so beautiful! Am very jealous! Trying to work out if we could go mow!!! X

    1. Thank you Vicki for your lovely comment! Skiing with little ones in tow looks like a whole other experience - do you think you'll do it?


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