Grenoble Highlights Part Deux

We decided to have a rest-day on Wednesday to give our muscles a bit of a recovery. it turned out to be a wise choice for that day, as the skies were cloud filled, and skiing in cloud is not our favourite thing. 

After a morning of reading & snow flurries, we followed our noses until we found the cable car to take us up to La Bastille.

{view from the top & a rather windswept John - as you can see - the wind forced his smile into a slight grimace!}

{Amazing ice sheets hanging in a tunnel at the top of La Bastille. We made a hasty exit when we spotted huge chunks of ice on the tunnel floor and did not want to meet our demise in an ice collison!}

On our way back to the apartment, we got slightly lost and stumbled upon a Chocolaterie - Bochard. For some strange reason, we resisted the temptation to go in and buy a treat. They had florentines the size of tea plates & macaroons as tiny & perfectly formed as a baby's fist. My mouth is watering just remembering the sight of them. They also sold chocolate that would set you back 50 euros per kilo! Brilliant! The kind of shop that dreams are made of.

We returned to the apartment and had a lovely reading hour, where I finished The Hunger Games trilogy. I would highly recommend reading this. I've read the three books in record speed which is a fun feeling.

By the evening, our bodies were feeling rested & ready for another day of skiing...


  1. Tell me more about The Hunger Games triology when I next see you - intrigued! xx


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