Friday, 27 January 2012

stationary love

I love stationary. Especially the letter writing kind. There are so many beautiful combinations of cards & envelopes to send a little love in. For a good number of years I made all of the cards I gave, but then came the day when I had a little more money to spare & could no longer resist the wealth of talented card makers out there.

The only problem was, and still is, that when I'm buying cards for other people, I inevitably want to buy one for myself too, so that I could still appreciate the beautiful designs after giving them. 

Then I found myself buying cards that I never even intended on giving to anyone - purely for my own enjoyment. I have a couple in frames in our spare room.

At the end of a year / start of the new year, I like to stock up on my card collections, so thought I'd share with you some of my current favourites:

+ The paper bird box was a hidden treasure I found in the January Sales in John Lewis, filled to the brim with lovely colour combinations of cards & envelopes {the envelopes pictured are from this set}

+ Modern Printed Matter is a little Etsy shop I came across a number of years ago, and recently rediscovered. I love her designs

+ Over Christmas I designed a thank you card & got 50 printed by overnightprints for a very reasonable rate.

I love having a big card stash, ready for writing a note at any given moment. A blog I recently discovered is called Today's Letters and they have a quote on their blog header which reads:

There are many things that can change a life...a letter is one of them.

I wholeheartedly agree with this & think the idea of a postal service is a brilliant one. I am truly thankful for the Royal Mail, who faithfully take my letters to wherever I want them to go. Whoever thought of posting letters was a genius.

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