Friday, 7 March 2008

forgetful, forgetting, forgotten

I have never thought of myself as a particularly forgetful person, but my current childminding job seems to bring out all of the forgetfulness in me - it only seems to manifest itself in this area of my life. When I got home today and realised that I had left my diary and a can of photo mount spray at their house, I went visibly red with embarassment. This has never happened to me when there is no-one else around! Fortunately, I am not going to be without my diary - as I am away on training next week, it could have been quite problematic. The family I childmind for know the leader of my church and his family - the two girls are good friends with two of his daughters. One of them is having a birthday sleepover tonight, so my employers are taking my diary to give to them to pass on to me.

What makes this slightly more embarrassing is the fact that on Wednesday, after childminding I went to Simon and Kate's house (church leader) to babysit, only to discover that I still had Will's bookbag in my rucksack. It just so happened that Kate is in the same book club as my employer, which just so happened to be on that evening, so she was able to return it for me. So there has been a continuous exchange of items between them, all because of me. These aren't just one off incidences - I cannot count the number of times we've come home from school only to realise we've left something behind or brought home someone else's bag. At least I haven't left any children anywhere yet!

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