Friday, 29 February 2008

into my world part 2

Today I had to get 300 fliers printed for the church easter egg hunt that I'm helping to organise. I'd been put in charge of doing one side of the flier - it just needed a map, the church logo and a few contact details on it, but as per usual when I'm asked to do these things, it was not as straightforward as I felt it should have been. This was probably partly to do with the fact that I was using Word which really isn't the ideal programme for this kind of thing. I think I would find designing computer generated artwork far easier if I just had a bit of teaching on how to use programmes that are designed for this kind of thing. I felt the frustration at my lack of knowledge in all areas of creative design using technology last week when I attempted to use photoshop and Lightbox and completely failed at achieving anything...Here are a few photos from my trip to the printers...

A sign below a house window. A little bit weird.

Some more signs in windows..

And some of the graffiti on a piece of artwork in the outdoor gallery in Stokes Croft.


  1. You have my full sympathy trying to use Photoshop. I haven't got a clue how to make it work, and I'm supposed to understand these things!

    (By the way, thanks for the chocs!!)

  2. Oh I don't know... photoshop's pretty easy really - it's only taken me about 12 years to learn 3% of what it can do...
    And you know chicken, if you ever want help with that kind of thing just give a yell... it'd be no problem to slap that kind of flyer together :)